Del Piñal, guest professor at the Curtis National Hand Center (USA)

22 July, 2013


The hand surgery scholarship and training program of this center is considered the best in the U.S. of its kind

The Spanish surgeon Francisco del Piñal participated last week in Baltimore (USA) as guest professor in the training sessions of the Curtis National Hand Center  ( The scholarship program of this center, associated with the MedStar Union Memorial Hospital (, is considered the best in the U.S. in the field of hand and upper limb surgery.

Del Piñal during his technical demonstration of wrist surgery
Hand surgeons and therapists from all over the U.S. attended -in person or by teleconference- the scheduled training sessions. In the picture, Dr. Piñal shows new techniques in surgery of the wrist , via live video channel with three cameras.

During his teaching stay, Del Piñal exposed to the Curtis National alumni new techniques for wrist surgeryintervention, using live video feed; in addition to a demonstration of foot bone section for using the fragments in wrist reconstructive surgery, among other issues addressed.

Del Piñal and Dr. James Higgins (right), Curtis National Hand Center chief surgeon
Del Piñal and Dr. James Higgins, chief surgeon of the Curtis National Hand Center, demonstrate a single incision technique to remove a bone section of the foot to be used in wrist reconstructive surgery. This is particularly useful when applied to a crush injury. The technique can also be used in toe to hand transfers.