Dr Piñal participates as honor guest at the XVth Congress of the Taiwan Society for Surgery of the Hand

10 May, 2018


In his central keynote, the Spanish surgeon addressed the transformation of hand surgery from its classical stage till present Dr Piñal

Dr Piñal during his keynote speech in the plenary room of the Linkou Chang Gung

Last weekend the Linkou Chang Gung Memorial hosted the 15th edition of the congress of the Taiwan Society for Surgery of the Hand, with the leitmotiv ‘Reaching out the perfection in hand surgery’. Dr Francisco del Piñal, international speaker of honor, gave the central conference of the meeting in which he analyzed the evolution of hand surgery from its classical stage till present. Dr Piñal

Titled ‘Major hand trauma, from classics to microsurgery and arthroscopy’, Piñal reviewed various techniques and clinical contexts. Among them, the treatment and reconstruction of the catastrophic hand, in which his results and innovations are global benchmarks.

TSSH_encuentro anual (Taiwan)_postevento_02_20180510
In the upper image, during a pause between conferences, (left to right) Drs Sang-Hyun Woo (president of  the Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand), Yuan-Kun Tu, medical engineering specialist  (I-Shou University, Taiwan), Fu Chan-Wei (one of the most important global pioneers in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Taiwan), Francisco del Piñal y Chih-Hung Lin, expert in reconstructive microsurgery (Chang Gung Memorial, Taiwan).
TSSH_encuentro anual (Taiwan)_postevento_02_20180510
During a break, to the left of Dr Piñal, Drs In-Ho Jeon (Head of Orthopedics, University of Ulsan, South Korea), Cheng-Hung Lin, (Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Chang Gung Memorial, Taiwan) and Sang-Hyun Woo; to his right, Dr. Chih-Hung Lin. In the background, slightly diffuse, you can guess the silhouette of Taipei 101, the former Taipei Financial Center, one of the tallest buildings in the world with its 509 m.

Besides, Dr Piñal partook in several programme’s round tables devoted to tackle the wrist pain of ulnar and radial origin.

TSSH_encuentro anual (Taiwan)_postevento_02_02_20180510
Dr Piñal during one of his technical presentations dedicated to the analysis of wrist pains characteristics and origins.

This edition of the congress of the Taiwanese society had also among its main analysis axes the reconstruction of the burned hand, the approach of lymphedema in the upper limb due to blockage or damage to the lymphatic system and wrist ulnar-radial pathologies.