2 十月, 2018


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This distinction was announced during this year’s ASSH meeting, held in Boston (USA) from September 13 to 15.Dr Piñal

Dr Piñal (left) with ASSH new president, Dr Scott Levin (Boston, US)

Dr Piñal will be the international keynote speaker of the next annual congress of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) in 2019.

The Spanish surgeon was told about the decision of the ASSH while partaking in the lecturers panel for this year’s edition in Boston (USA).

During his activity in the scientific-medical program at the Hynes Convention Center, Piñal has addressed the latest advances and surgical solutions in several of his areas of specialization, such as malunions and acute radio fractures, joint transplantation and reconstruction or the steps towards the goal of an acceptable hand, that is, the ways to provide functional value to a limb whose trauma and / or pathology limits existing resources for surgery.

In these ASSH annual meetings only a non-US physician intervenes as the main international speaker. In this year’s edition, the invitation went to the Chinese surgeon Jin Bo Tang, associate professor in plastic and hand surgery at the Warren Alpert Medical School of the Brown University (Rhode Island Hospital) and head of the department of hand surgery at Nantong University (China)

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