اليد الكارثية (IV). قصص النجاح في البتر والسحق وغيرها

11 ديسمبر, 2016

mano catastrófica_01_20161211

أدناه يمكنك قراءه ترجمه المترجم البشري باللغة الانجليزيه. لديك أيضا الوصول إلى الاسبانيه الاصليه عن طريق النقر علي العلم في الزاوية اليمني العليا. هذا الرابط يتيح لك الوصول إلى نسخه الترجمة اليه من جوجل في العربية

With success rates above 95% in his interventions, Dr. Piñal is considered one of the world’s upper limb best surgeons. A trajectory built, among other medical fields, on the definition of a landmark theoretical-practical framework in the clinical approach of cases of catastrophic hand, drawn from the development and application of techniques in microsurgery that offer hopeful horizons of recovery to the patient.

In this new post, the fourth chapter of the series on catastrophic hand (2nd video-based), Dr. Piñal presents several of the cited techniques – such as the combination of vascularized fat transplantation and tenolysis, toe-to-hand transfer or autologous grafts, mixed with other non-microsurgical ones such as arthroscopy – along with different success stories in clinical pictures of amputation, crush trauma, etc.

mano catastrófica_02_20161211
In the image, evolution in upper extremity on which the combined technique of transplanted vascular free fat flaps and tenolysis, developed by Dr. Piñal, has been applied on. The patient, a 30-year-old man, arrives at the clinic with a substantial loss of mobility following severe internal abrasion damage, in addition to two previous interventions that failed to restore slipping conditions.