ASSH 74 International Guest Lecture CRPS_01_201909

Dr. Piñal presents the international guest conference of the 74th edition of the annual congress of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH)

The meeting, with more than three thousand participants, took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas last week

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Spanish Public Television (TVE): Dr Piñal restores by microsurgery the hands of a patient which were trapped by electric blinds

Patient, young woman, domestic accident when her hands got trapped by electric blinds. After more than twelve hours in the operating room, Dr Piñal and his surgical unit managed to restore functionality of the patient’s upper limbs through a combination of reconstructive microsurgery techniques (following video with english subtitles).

mano catastrófica (III)_blog_201605

The catastrophic hand (III): Possibilities of microsurgery for patients with serious injuries

There is no narrow definition of catastrophic hand, but with these couple of terms we describe an upper limb with limited functionality, bone malunions and aesthetical damages (mutilations and amputations,


The catastrophic hand (II). The physician perspective: ‘save what can be saved’, calm and collaboration

In ‘The catastrophic hand (I). The patient experience: hopes, plans and microsurgery’, we talk with Dr. Del Piñal on the characteristics and surgical and psychological challenges posed by transforming a catastrophic hand in one acceptable.


The catastrophic hand (I). The patient experience: hopes, plans and microsurgery

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The absence of armed conflicts and better labour security conditions have reduced the incidence oftraumatic hand injuries in Western countries.

Colgajo de periostio vascularizado en pseudoartrosis de humero_01_20201124

Periosteal flap microsurgical transfer in case of humerus nonunion

The 20-year-old patient suffered an unconsolidated right humerus fracture with radial nerve injury one year before coming into contact with Dr. Piñal. Despite the modifications in the synthesis in two previous surgeries,

Medical team

Medical teamThe Instituto de Cirugía Plástica y de la Mano Piñal y Asociados is composed by a multidisciplinary surgical team specialized in orthopedic and traumatologic articular surgery (shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee and ankle). Hand Paralysis and nerve injuries Shoulder and Elbow Oncologic reconstruction Wrist Reflex sympathetic dystrophy Lower limb Our doctors Dr. Jaime Sánchez RuasSee [...]