DelPiñal博士的诊所在马德里La Luz医院开设新场所

14 四月, 2016

sede Madrid_20160411_02

sede Madrid_20160411_02

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Medical consultations and surgery procedures will be performed at the facilities of Grupo Quirón near Madrid University town

The clinic Piñal y Asociados will  be offering medical services in Madrid (consultations and surgery) before the end of April. The new premises, located at Hospital La Luz, Grupo Quirón, will add to its facilities at Paseo Pereda, 20, Santander (Cantabria, northern Spain), focusing on restorative traumatology and reconstructive surgical techniques.

In the coming weeks, Dr. Francisco del Pinal, chairman of the Advisory Committee of the European Wrist Arthroscopy Society (EWAS) will start treating patients at the center of Grupo Quirón in General Rodrigo, 8, next to Madrid University town.

Del Piñal, whose techniques in fields such as microsurgical toe to hand transfers or arthroscopic surgery on hand and wrist fractures are endorsed and applied internationally, is considered one of the best upper limb surgeons in the world.

Within the scope of the extension of its activity to the Spanish capital, Dr. Del Piñal’s clinic plans to open short-term an area for consultation and patient care at Serrano Street 58.

Contact for patients (info, appointments, etc.) : 0034 942 364 696 –

Hospital La Luz

Hospital La Luz is one of the best equipped private centers in Europe, with 20,000 m2 of medical surface. La Luz has 11 last generation operating rooms among a wide range of facilities and high-level resources, which are completed with 196 rooms -with companion bed, television and  fully mobility adapted toilets- and nine suites.