Del Piñal guest of honor at the 11th International Congress of Chinese Orthopaedic Association

4 mai, 2016



The meeting will gather more than twelve thousand practitioners from around the world at Beijing’s old Olympic press center next November.

The Spanish surgeon Francisco del Pinal will participate as guest of honor at the 11th edition of the International Congress of the Chinese Orthopaedic Association (COA 2016). This meeting, a global benchmark in the debate on the clinical approach of orthopaedic pathologies, will take place at the China National Convention Center, the media venue during the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Between the next 17th and 20th November, COA 2016 will bring together more than twelve thousand delegates from around the world, before whom Dr. Del Piñal will address the latest techniques in microsurgery of the upper limb, through various success stories.

With more than 30,000 orthopedic surgeons associated, of a total of 130,000 in the whole country, COA is the largest and most influential Chinese group oriented to the study and practice of orthopaedics. In turn, it publishes the Chinese Journal of Orthopaedics since 1981.

National Convention Center

The China National Convention Center China (CNCC) was one of the four main Olympic buildings opened in Beijing during the 2008 Games, as international press center and venue for the shooting and fencing contests.  Since October 2009, the CNCC operates as one of the main conventions and congresses center in the world.