Entretien avec le Dr Piñal dans Diario Médico: “Je ne crois pas au corporatisme; le patient doit venir en premier”

26 novembre, 2019

Distrofia de Sudeck_DiarioMédico_02_20191123

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The Spanish surgeon challenges the existence of Sudeck’s atrophy, which he attributes to “diagnostic errors and lack of knowledge of a hidden pathology”.

Distrofia de Sudeck_DiarioMédico_02_20191123
Dr. Francisco del Piñal, director of the Instituto Piñal y Asociados, and head of the Hand-Wrist and Plastic-Reconstructive Surgery units of Hospital Mutua Montañesa Hospital and Hand and Wrist Surgery at Hospital La Luz.

Dr Piñal presented last September in the US the conclusions of his study on reflex sympathetic dystrophy or Sudeck’s atrophy. An analysis of a hundred cases with this diagnosis, whose results have been the base for designing surgical procedures that have resulted in the healing of patients.

During his speech at the 74th edition of the annual congress of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH), Piñal attributed Sudeck’s atrophy clinical pictures, in general, to inappropriate operations in the wrist area, cases of neurostenalgia (continuous nerve pain) and situations of dynamic compression of the median nerve that go unnoticed.

Diario Médico collects the conclusions of Dr Piñal and focuses this new interview on his thesis on complex regional pain syndrome (Sudeck’s atrophy).

Born in Santander, northern Spain, in 1960, Dr Francisco del Piñal is considered one of the world’s best hand surgeons. His contributions in the fields of microsurgical toe to hand transfer or arthroscopic surgery techniques on wrist fractures are endorsed and used internationally.

Diario Médico, health-oriented title of Unidad Editorial, is one of the informative references of the sector in Spain, with a daily edition from Monday to Friday of 50,000 copies, distributed in some 3,000 health centers, hospitals and clinics and other spaces such as pharmaceutical companies , medical colleges, foundations or official bodies throughout the country.

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