Santander accueillera 1500 médecins du monde entier lors de la 21e édition du Congrès de la Fédération des Sociétés Européennes de Chirurgie de la Main

23 mars, 2016


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This meeting will be held in the capital of the Spanish región of Cantabria between 22 and 25 June, with Dr. Francisco del Piñal as chairman

The role of Dr. Del Piñal, chairman of this 21st edition of the FESSH Congress, has been key in the election of Santander as host city. In the picture, he welcomes the approval of the candidacy of the Cantabrian capital in Antwerp, Belgium, where the meeting was held in 2012.

Three months before its inauguration at the Santander Exhibition Centre, the participation prospect in the twenty-first edition of the Congress of the European Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH) is already close to 1,500 medical professionals from around the world.

The meeting –the main event on the international calendar of hand and wrist surgery and microsurgery- will place the capital of the Spanish region of Cantabria in the center of the global health scene between the next 22 and 25 June.

Under the chairmanship of the surgeon Francisco del Piñal, participants will have the opportunity to discuss and analyze the latest surgical techniques in the areas of expertise covered by the FESHH, presented by some of the best international specialists.

Santander will take over Milan in this annual event, hosted in its two previous editions in Paris and the Turkish city of Antalya.

FESSH 2016, backed by the Santander City Council, will have Medartis -lead sponsor-, Acumed, AxoGen, DePuy Synthes, Groupe Lépine, Orfit, Skeletal Dynamics, Sobi and Zimmer Biomet as collaborating entities.

Dr. Del Piñal, foreground next to the Hongkongese surgeon Dr. PC Ho, during one of the medical debates of the last edition of the FESSH Congress in Milan (image source).