Le Dr Piñal abordera la dystrophie sympathique réflexe ou syndrome douloureux régional complexe lors de la 75e édition du congrès de la Société Américaine de Chirurgie de la Main

31 août, 2020

ASSH 2020_01_20200831

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Piñal will participate once again in this annual meeting as invited international speaker

ASSH 2020_01_20200831

Dr. Piñal will participate as an international guest speaker at the 2020 edition of the annual congress of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH), which will take place between October 1 and 3. The Spanish surgeon will take part in the main session of the meeting with the lecture CRPS1 (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 1), does not exist‘.

Piñal, international guest speaker
Dr Piñal presented the international guest lecture at the last edition of the ASSH congress held in September 2019 in Las Vegas.

This presentation will be part of the session ‘Complex regional pain syndrome 2.0 – contemporary perspectives’ which will have among its objectives to better understand the different conditions considered as complex regional pain syndrome  and the subset of them amenable to surgical treatment.

During his participation, Piñal will also present his latest advances in wrist arthroscopy, as well as in reconstructive microsurgery for mutilated hands.

Ponencia del Dr. Kakar parte del curso previo ‘De lo fundamental a lo puntero: el papel de la artroscopia’ ( en el lateral de la imagen, de arriba abajo, Dres. Ho, Piñal, Goldfarb y Kakar).

In turn, the Spanish surgeon will be part of the international cast of speakers from the pre-course ‘Fundamental to Cutting Edge: The Role of Arthroscopy’. Piñal will co-chair the course with Drs Charles A. Goldfarb, vice chairman of the department of orthopedic surgery at the University of Washington School of Medicine, and PC Ho, head of Hong Kong’s Prince of Wales Hospital.

The ASSH congress will be held online for the first time, combining prerecorded content and live sessions, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Born in Santander, northern Spain, in 1960, Dr Francisco del Piñal is considered one of the world’s best hand surgeons. His contributions in the fields of microsurgical toe to hand transfer or arthroscopic surgery techniques on wrist fractures are endorsed and used internationally.

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