Médias : la microchirurgie qui sauve les mains de la tétraplégie

10 juin, 2021

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Various national media outlets echo the intervention of Dr Piñal to recover part of the functionality of the hands of a young quadriplegic.

Quadriplegic patient operated
The patient, operated on by Dr Piñal at the Hospital La Milagrosa in Madrid, along his mother.

Germán, 20, had his life radically altered on July 18, 2020 when, in a bad dive in the sea, suffered a spinal injury that deprived him of the mobility of his hands and legs. Now, just a year later, different national media (access to sample in the lower part of the text) have reflected the operation carried out by the Spanish surgeon Francisco del Piñal on the young quadriplegic to return part of the function of his upper extremities.

Dr Piñal, with experience in dealing with similar clinical pictures, designed for the case a procedure that combines various microsurgical techniques for the treatment of this type of nerve injury. As the surgeon and microsurgeon details, the patient’s possibilities for improvement lie in the fact that, despite his high level of paralysis, he still maintains control of his biceps; a residual capacity that, however, is of no use if he can’t move his hands.

Thus, the operation of Dr Francisco del Piñal seeks, precisely, to transplant the intact nerves of the biceps to Germán’s hand, so that he regains grip and the ability to handle everyday objects such as a spoon or a comb again, for example. “What we have taken advantage of – explains the surgeon – are nerves that go to muscles that have double information. We remove half of the information to take that cable, the nerve, and connect it to others that, in turn, go to muscles that now have no signal ”. It is essentially about modifying the function of the nerves in good condition so that they facilitate the mobility of the hands, overcoming this way the lack of communication between the brain and the upper extremities derived from the accident.

Dr Piñal operating
Dr Piñal, right, in the operating room with part of his team.

The intervention, carried out successfully at the Hospital La Milagrosa in Madrid, opens the door to a recovery that can even improve with subsequent surgeries, as stated by Dr Piñal: “from the sixth month after the intervention we can expect results, that will be more evident from one year or year and a half. Later, other operations to better this function can be done, to perfect what we have achieved ”.

The Spanish surgeon recalls that, nowadays, the injury to the spinal cord is irreversible, but “what can be improved is the functionality of the hands. You have to analyze each case and see which ones are susceptible to improvement and which ones are not ”.

Born in Santander, northern Spain, in 1960, Dr Francisco del Piñal is considered one of the world’s best hand surgeons. His contributions in fields like  microsurgical toe to hand transfer or arthroscopic surgery techniques on wrist fractures are endorsed and used internationally.

Among other milestones in his career, it is worth mentioning the setting of the principles of surgery in the acute catastrophic hand, as well as his leading role in the development of wrist arthroscopy, through procedures such as dry arthroscopy.

Currently, Francisco del Piñal leads Piñal y Asociados clinics in Madrid and Santander and the unit of hand and microsurgery at Hospital La Milagrosa in Madrid.

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