Del Piñal становится первым испанским хирургом, который примет участие в качестве приглашенного профессора на Конгрессе Японской ассоциации ортопедов

2 Июнь, 2014


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Ten thousand specialists from around the world took part in Kobe in one of the most important medical meetings in Asia

Del Piñal (left) with Drs. Wada and Poehling, professors at the orthopaedic surgery departments of Sapporo Medical University (Japan) and Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine (USA), respectively.

The Japanese city of Kobe hosted from 22 to 25 May the 87th edition of the annual meeting of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association (JOA), one of the most important events of the medical calendar in the whole of Asia. During the meeting, attended by about ten thousand participants from around the world, Dr. Francisco Del Piñal became the first Spanish surgeon to participate as a guest lecturer.

Del Piñal addressed the latest surgical techniques to face the distal radius fractures malunions (wrist) and the management of complex hand injuries in cases of crushing, through microsurgery.

In addition, the Spanish surgeon advocated the benefits of arthroscopy in the treatment of wrist fractures, in one of the debate sessions of the congress.