(更新2) 媒体,TVE:Piñal博士发现了一种治疗反射性交感神经营养不良病例的方法

19 一月, 2021

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Rehabilitación en la clínica de Piñal y Asociados en Santander, caso de Lucía

The Spanish surgeon will present his research, based on 29 analyzed clinical cases, before the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) (news originally published on November 5, 2018, as of the last update, January 2021, Dr. Piñal has already operated on more than a hundred patients and has examined more than 200 with this profile).

Dr Piñal has defined a categorization of cases diagnosed as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (CRPS1), which allows him to divide them into inaccurate diagnoses, patient conversion neuroses and people with a history of trauma and compression of the median nerve, that respond positively to the nerve release procedure as well as those with non-traumatic compressions.

The Spanish surgeon higlights the necessary existence of a previous trauma to take into consideration a CRPS1, which can be cured when generates the aforementioned compressive situation . This is the case of Lucinda Gutiérrez, who wasn’t able to close the fist of her left hand, with a picture accompanied by swelling and intense pain.

As in other cases with analogous characteristics later resolved by Dr. Piñal, the patient was sent to rehabilitation and, after months without results, was treated with lidocaine patches to mitigate the pain.

Dr. Piñal has been invited by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand to present his research, developed from 29 similar cases.

Francisco del Piñal is considered one of the world’s best upper limb surgeons, thanks to his design and execution of new techniques and innovative clinical approaches, renowned an applied worldwide.

Update – Postoperative state of Lucinda Gutiérrez at 6 months

Update 2 – Postoperative state of Lucinda Gutiérrez at 3 years

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