Hand pathologies are relatively common, especially in adults. These disorders and injuries cause loss of function and mobility in the upper limb affecting the patient’s daily life.

The hand is a point prone to injuries and damages with various associated effects, from fractures with overall impact in the palm to individual lesions of each finger. The presence of deformity, pain, lack of consolidation, mobility impairments or hand and fingers amputations and mutilations, among other things, define the most range of clinical pictures addressed at Dr. Del Piñal’s clinic.

Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment and surgical solution are vital, in a profile of conditions with decisive impact on issues such as personal independence, work tasks, sport or any physical activity.

Dr. Del Pinal, considered as one of the world’s best upper limb surgeons, both for his technical expertise and the development of pioneering techniques, together with the rest of his surgical and diagnostic unit, responds to a wide range of ailments: fractures, malunions, chronic pain, impaired function, retractions or flanges, rigidities, non-diagnosed disturbances, flexor tendon injuries, pseudoarthrosis, osteoarthritis or arthritis, among many others.

Clinical Cases