Physicians training program

The program for physcians training of Piñal y Asociados offers capacity-building in areas such as handling of traumatic hand and wrist, emergency and scheduled microsurgery (replantation, toe to hand transfers, injuries coverage) or wrist arthroscopy, among others. Led by Dr. Francisco del Pinal, since its first edition in 1998 more than three hundred worldwide professionals, both specialists and residentes, have completed the program.

Residents: a period of 1 or two months as a maximum. They should send their CV, motivation letter and a letter of authorization from their service/unit.

Specialists: flexible duration up to 3 months. CV and a letter of recommendation needed.

Fellowship: a sole position for a 6 months period is offered, with fixed dates: from January to June or July to December. Candidates should send their CV, motivation letter and letters of recommendation. This stay is reserved for surgeons with experience in hand surgery. They must pass an interview with Dr. Del Pinal before the positions is granted, in October and April respectively.

The standard weekly activity includes consultations, surgery and clinical sessions, although availability should be fully, taking into account any emergencies. Requests to participate must be sent via e-mail to Dr. Jaime Ruas, residents tutor and visitors coordinator:

It is recommended to apply for a position to attend the program during the fourth or fifth year of residency, well in advance. Today, the waiting list exceeds 20 months and the vacancies are reserved in order of request according to availability.

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