As joint that connects the ulna and the radius –that’s to say, forearm and hand- the wrist plays a key role in our functional capabilities. In essence, thanks to movements that the wrist allows we can perform many of our daily tasks.

In this area one of the most complex balances of our locomotive apparatus is kept, between bone, muscle and tendinoligamentous structures. When that balance collapses the consequences for the patient are remarkable, mamnifesting themselves through pain, loss of strength, mobility difficulties, etc.

The diseases most commonly addressed by Dr. Del Piñal and his diagnostic-surgical unit include radius and scaphoid fractures, pictures of ulnar pain, degenerative processes such as wrist osteoarthritis, tendons and ligaments injuries -such as tendonitis or those that affect the scaphosemilunar ligament– along with nervous disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Dr. Del Piñal is an international reference in the treatment of the diverse pathologies of the wrist, with publications such as ‘Arthroscopic management of distal radius fractures’ or ‘Arthroscopic management of ulnar pain’; and the development of new techniques used worldwide as the 4-corner arthrodesis for SLAC wrist or the dry arthroscopy.

Clinical Cases