The arthroscopy allows to set the cause of situations of wrist discomfort and pain that elude other diagnostic formulas such as resonance, electromyogram or tomography (CAT scan, scanner). A feature that, in the case of Dr. Del Piñal, is based on a background of thousands of non invasive interventions of this type, with an annual average of more than 250 performed.

Dr. Del Piñal was the first surgeon in the world in describing and applying the technique of dry arthroscopy, which improves their expectations of success eliminating the need for injecting fluids into the affected area. Today, this arthroscopic method is considered internationally as the most suitable for the treatment of complex cases.

The advantages of arthroscopy over conventional surgery are are basically three: minimizes the risk to the patient (requiring only local or locoregional anesthesia example) reduces the aesthetic impact (the incisions are minimal, with little scarring) and shortens the recovery time; the latter a factor that makes its use common in the treatment of professional athletes.

Clinical Cases