Nerve injuries produce paralysis and / or lack of sensitivity depending on whether the affected nerve is motor, sensory or mixed; which generates a notable impact on the daily and professional activity of the patient. The broad spectrum of trauma paralysis, Volkmann’s syndrome, spastic paralysis or damage to the brachial plexus can be highlighted.

Dr Piñal and his team have extensive experience, renowed both in Spain and internationally, in these clinical situations.Thus, they use state-of-the-art microsurgery techniques for the reconstruction and treatment of acute injuries – whether traumatic or sequelae of fractures or other types of nerve injuries – to resolve defects or, in the most serious cases, to perform tendinous transfers, ie to move tendons with secondary functions to the damaged area giving them new ones there.

Even in situations considered extreme, when there are no viable muscles in the affected area – either by Volkmann’s ischemic contracture or compartment syndrome or by trauma itself – the surgical unit of Dr Piñal performs muscle autotransplants. This approach, based on taking muscles from a donor area and replanting them in the arm or leg to recover function, combines vascular and nerve microsurgery techniques with extraordinary functional results and a very limited aesthetic impact.

Clinical Cases