Pie y tobillo

The foot plays a key role for health and daily well-being, both as a support for our body structure and base of our balance and motor function.

Acquired deformity of the forefoot in adults is a very prevalent disease and closely linked to our current lifestyle. It should be noted several different problems which interrelate such as bunions or hallux valgus, claw toes, metatarsalgia (pain under the toe pad) and plantar fasciitis (heel pain), among many others.

Meanwhile, the ankle is a very sensitive joint prone to suffer various injuries as mainstay of the burden of our weight in motion. A high percentage of ligament injuries in the shape of sprains progress over time to a picture of permanent pain and inestability disabling for the patient.

The development and skilled implementation of a wide range of techniques by the surgical unit of Piñal y Asociados, such as percutaneous surgery, minimally invasive, arthroscopy and the open osteotomy, facilitate a successful approach to ligamentous injuries, degenerative processes and joint fractures occurring in foot and ankle.

This clinical perspective, coupled with a thorough examination of the area and the complementary tests, allows to establish what and how should it be corrected to provide excellent personalized results, both functional and aesthetic.